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Ucy (Sr. Member)

Good Website. The service does exactly what the Company says it does. No need for extra complicated task like Signing up to use the service. An extra feature to keep you completely Anonymous is also available. My coin was mixed and sent back pretty fast. Source

pinky (Hero Member)

I am impressed with speed of total mixing time.After discovering this mixer i feel bad for my wasted time on other services.Interface is easy,smooth and understanable.Even my grandmother can mix her coins in case of wanna be untraceable Cheesy I won't hesitate to share this service with my friends. IMO this one will be my preferred mixer. Source

seleme (Legendary)
Sep 11, 11:53 AM

Quality: perfect accuracy,got exactly the amount which written on site Speed : Only 1 confirmation which only took 5 minute depending on blockchain, fastest mixing service i have ever seen. User experience : Really satisfied. Source

iram1011 (Hero Member)

I just tried BitMix. As an end user, I must say I had a nice user experience. Simple GUI, easy to understand, fast loading of website, fast transactions, transparency and simple to use. Overall, a great mixer. BitMix is indeed better than the competitors.

mrdeposit (Hero Member)

I also want to share my great experience with the site. Mixing was a smooth and fast.Site administration doesnt need to change graphical work,this one is perfect example of how every mixer site's design should look like. Fee calculator helps a lot as additional feature and shows to customer what kind of fees they gonna to face. Source